Our Vision

Image by Meghan Holmes
Image by Lisa Kohnen
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Our Story

The idea for the first Naturescape evolved when Oxford City Council decommissioned the very dilapidated mini-golf course in our local park. We thought that the area could be re-purposed and designed as a outdoor space for play, wildlife and learning... and our first project began!

What is a Naturescape?

Naturescape is a designed garden for family-centred play and learning, for community or workplace wellbeing and enjoyment. It is designed with the following key ingredients:

Place  –  a sense of belonging to a community

People  –  a community with wide reaching cultural diversity

Plants  – which are so important for education, survival and beauty 

Play –  relaxation, an essential for healthy human development and wellbeing. 

Drawing on the philosophy of the Forest School movement and the inspiration of local people,  the naturescape will be home for various groups that support outdoor play, exploration, and interaction with natural elements such as water, fire and vegetation. The focus  is on developing confidence and self-esteem through  creative and hands-on experiences in a natural setting.

We are currently developing Naturescapes at two different sites in Oxford - Florence Park and St Nicholas' School. For more information about these, visit our 'Projects' Tab above, or click here. 

Our vision is to support communities, businesses and schools to create beautiful spaces, with nature in mind and wellbeing at heart.

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