Our Vision

Our vision is to support communities, businesses and schools to create beautiful spaces, with nature in mind and wellbeing at heart.

What will Naturescape be like?

Our first project in Cowley Oxford will feature unobtrusive design that will feel like natural landscape.  

  • It will be  an exploratory space with the emphasis on planting wild flowers and edible foraging.

  • It will be located within and integral to a much loved urban park and support a culturally diverse community  with both economic and social disadvantage and thriving entrepreneurial spirit. 

  • It will also support ecological diversity with rainwater harvesting, native hedging, bee and insect-friendly planting, and of course the pond

  • It will be stewarded by programmes  to support communication, social cohesion, increase confidence and reduce anxiety.

  • It will be a dog free area as this has been requested by many families – particularly from some communities who have told us that the number of dogs in the main park puts them off using the park or letting children run free there. 

What will your Naturescape be like?

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