Naturescape – A natural play area for the whole community - join our journey.

Naturescape is coming to Florence Park! We’re building a home for the bugs and the bees, the birds and the butterflies, and you!

Did you know that Florence Park has been home to over 130 different species of insects, birds, animals and plants? Some are rare and have been only seen once or twice in t he last twenty years – Kingfishers, Peregrines, Great Crested Newts, Grass Snakes – others are regular visitors – Frogs and Toads, Slugs and Beetles, Bats and Hedgehogs, Thrushes and Kites. Some are there all the time, like the trees, hedges, and grasses, others just flit through for a season.

All these creatures need a safe home, and that’s what Naturescape is planning to do by gradually returning the old mini-golf site within Florence Park to a more wild and natural habitat for many of these plants and creatures. We’re going to start by planting species-rich turf, trees, and hedges to create shelter and food, and eventually we want to build a pond and wet area so that more creatures can find a home in the park.

Do you want to Help a Hedgehog? Watch a Woodpecker? Value a Vole? Bag a Bluebell?

You can help us along the journey – later in the winter we will ask for volunteers to lay our species-rich turf, plant our trees and hedges. But right now we need to find out more about creatures and plants we already have in the old mini-golf course area. Only 7 protected and notable species have been recorded in that area over the last 17 years, we need to find a bit more about the ordinary everyday creatures and plants that live in the area. So in on 12th December we’ll be asking small groups of people (3 to 5 in each group) to sign up for a 30-minute session with a wildlife expert to see what they can spot – watch this space for the date!

Pennies for Pipistrelles

If you can help us raise money for the project we’d love to hear from you – we’ve nearly got enough to start phase 1 of the planting in January, so visit our crowdfunding page to see how you can help us reach our target and start creating Naturescape