Enjoying NaturEscape this half-term

Eight-year old twins Jacob and Jonah and their Mum Sophie discovered NaturEscape last week, and are planning on return visits this half-term. What makes NaturEscape special for them?

'It's fun, we can build things with the logs and stones' says Jacob. 'Look what I've found' says Jonah, lifting a stone to reveal some pearly white eggs 'But I won't touch them, we must leave them alone' Their mother Sophie says they prefer NaturEscape to the playground, they can build, explore, and get muddy and dirty here. And even their baby brother can enjoy the sensory path.

NaturEscape is open to everyone when Florence Park park is open, although it is a dog-free area. It is very occasionally booked for community groups and Forest School, check with Flo's for details.