Nature's taking over here..

So whilst we've been working very hard planting hedges and trees (thank you to all our wonderfully hard-working volunteers in March and April), we've also just let the sun and the rain do their stuff. During May it's been cold at night, but wet and quite warm in the day - the grass (our special species-rich turf) has grown leaves, tufts and seedheads, and our hedges and trees have flourished, putting out leaf and branch across the site.

And meanwhile Nature's taking over, and a lot of beautiful plants have emerged from the cold Spring into the sunshine. Some are really beneficial to insects ...Cow Parsleys and Pignuts, Buttercups, Thistles.

Some of it's beautiful and not very beneficial to wildlife or humans - a huge clump of hemlock that we'll take out before the site is open. Hemlock is fatally poisonous, in leaf, stem, root and flower. If you ever need to identify Hemlock, which in flower can look like Cow parsley, Hogweed or Pignut, just look for these purple blotches on the stems.

We have another volunteer day coming up soon - 12th and 13th June- we'll be making the sensory path and 'planting' the painted stones that have raised the funds for the path. Sign up details will be coming soon. Thank you!