NaturEscape gets trees

Our third volunteer day was Sunday April 25th, planting the new trees to bring food, shelter and shade to the grassy spaces of the park and preparing the fire pit circle. The work actually started on Friday with the delivery of a ton bag of soil and three trees - fabulous help from the city Green Spaces team in tractoring our grab bag of soil from the yard to the site and unloading the trees.

We also had an urgent watering task to undertake - our project has suffered from extremes of weather. Planting our turf and hedges was delayed for six weeks by floods in January and February, but by the end of April they were beginning to suffer from the drought in the dry April. We had to connect over 200m of industrial hose to get water from Flo's nursery to NaturEscape - a four person job! But because we have chosen indigenous species for our grass, trees and hedges, after the first year of establishment they should be able to cope with most of what our unpredictable climate chucks at them.

Our volunteers worked so hard to get the tasks done in a day - digging tree pits, wheel-barrowing soil from the grab bag to the the tree pits, positioning the trees correctly in the pits and then backfilling them them.

The trees look beautiful and are already flowering - a Rowan, and two Crab-apples which will provide blossom for the bees and fruit for the birds. Hard work, but luckily watering duties provided a rest when needed. Meanwhile the fire pit circle was dug over and raked, and we look forward to finishing it off with sand and a brick inner circle in June.