Re-discovering the local - the Elder Vernacular project

Local artist Nor Greenhaulgh’s Elder Vernacular project reached a gentle, natural conclusion on Sunday as her specially designed ‘compost pavilion’ was installed at NaturEscape, and her book documenting the project was launched at a free and well-attended NaturEscape event. The delicate pavilion, a temporary structure of willow and other local materials, gave home to the inks, dyes, and papers created from vernacular sources around Elder Stubbs – Elder Blue, sunflowers seeds from the allotment, Okay Ochre, Oxford ochre dug from the ground, a finite resource, Immortal Ochre from Tagetes petals, an infinitely renewable source; papers created from Willow and Himalyan Balsam. The artist and guests returned the materials created during the project to a composting bowl at the centre of the pavilion, eventually to be composted at the Elder Stubbs allotment.

The pavilion will be at NaturEscape until Sunday 15 November, don't miss the chance to see and be part of this unique and tender project celebrating a rediscovery of nearby and local earth, plants, and waterways.