Work begins on site and our 'sponsor a stone' crowdfundraiser!

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Good News!

We are very pleased that, thanks to support from Trust for Oxfordshire Environment, The Nature Effect CIC and Oxford City Council, we have now secured enough money to launch 'stage one' of The Nature Escape's development - with on site starting this month! This will include laying turf and plating trees and hedges on site - amongst much more. We are very pleased to have some volunteers signed up to get involved with this stage of development - keep your eyes open for updates and pictures as the site develops here.

We are now ready to start fundraising for stage two of Naturescape's development.... and we need your help!

We need to raise £1650 to build a fantastic sensory path, that will wind its way through the Naturescape, taking people on a journey around the elemental 'garden rooms' that we are building on site.

Sponsor a Stone:

There are two great ways to get involved with Crowd-fundraising for the sensory path:

1. Sponsor a £30 stone to be painted by our stone artist in residence - the wonderful Jane Gallagher (who also does the chalking in the park!) There are 20 of these available in total. You could choose to have a name painted on the stone or an animal of your choice.

2. Sponsor a small stone which you can paint yourself at our interactive stone painting event at the end of March - see details at our Eventbrite page below! Space is limited according to stone size. These can be decorated with your name, initials, a picture or just a simple pattern!

Both the big and small stones will be used to make part of the wonderful sensory path.

Both the big and small stones will be used to make part of the wonderful sensory path.

To sponsor a big or a large stone you can visit our Eventbrite page here:

We are so excited to get this next stage of the project up and running and we look forward to seeing your creative stone designs!